How do I get a list of add-ons in Firefox?

What happened to Firefox add-ons?

What happened to all the new and interesting extensions we used to be able to install on Firefox that made our browsing experience better?

I have spent years using a collection of cool browser add-ons. After moving to the new Firefox Quantum, my add-ons disappeared. They just stop working. No error messages, no notice. The add-on folder is empty.

I am saddened because I still use a lot of add-ons that were part of the Firefox interface. They make my life easier and give me features I could not live without.

But it's more than that. I like the new Firefox. I have been using Chrome for years but I am starting to enjoy Firefox. But after I installed Quantum, Firefox lost it's cool. Everything feels wrong. It's slower and not as good looking as Chrome.

I still have to learn all the new stuff, like where the add-ons are located, the new interface and how to use the new features. But I can't do all that when I have to worry about my favorite add-ons.

I want my old add-ons back. And I want them all to work again.

And I know this can be fixed. It has to be fixed. Because there is a Firefox Add-on Manager. A place where all these great add-ons from the past should be kept.

We can get the old add-ons back. We just have to ask.

Please help us to keep the Mozilla Add-ons Manager alive. Please help us to get add-ons back.

If you use Linux, Mac or Windows please let your friends and relatives know about this issue so that they also see the problem they are facing. If you find a solution that works please contact me and tell me what you did. Or send me your solution if you have one.

Thank you for helping to fix Firefox. This message was sent to Mozilla Add-ons Mailing List. From: "P.S.ieL.D."

How do I download add-ons to Firefox?

Firefox add-ons are the key to customizing your Firefox browser. You can download and install them directly from Mozilla's add-on repository.

Firefox add-ons allow you to customize Firefox to do almost anything. For example, you can change the URL that Firefox opens when you click a link, change how long it takes to open new tabs, or even add bookmarks.

You can also customize the look of Firefox by adding themes, making it easier to navigate and organize your bookmarks, or even adding new features like an image viewer. To download and install add-ons, follow these steps: Open Firefox. Click the Menu button on your keyboard. Select Add-ons. In the Add-ons Manager window, select Install Add-on From File. Browse to where you saved the file, then click Open. When you see the name of the add-on, click Install. If you want to remove the add-on, select it from the list and click Remove. The add-on is now installed. Note: If you're using a computer with multiple users, be sure to select the right user to install an add-on for. To download and install a theme: Select Tools > Add-ons > Themes. Select Install Theme. When you see the name of theme, click Install.

The theme is now installed. To install a bookmarklet: Select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager. To add a new bookmark, select New Bookmark. In the Name box, enter a name for the bookmark, then click Add. To add a bookmark to an existing folder, select the folder, then select Add Bookmark to Folder. To add a bookmark to a site, select the site, then click Add.

To manage bookmarks: Select Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager.

How do I manually install add-ons in Firefox?

I have been using FFox for quite some time, and I use various add-ons. I installed the add-ons manually and then they appeared in the Firefox.

Now, I want to install these add-ons by using Crome/Chrome and even in Internet Explorer. Is it possible? As a browser extension, the Firefox add-ons are just regular web page resources that can be added to any browser. There are several ways you can get the functionality of browser extensions with different browsers. Most common is to use Google Chrome.

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