What is Python Selenium used for?

What is Python Selenium used for?

Selenium is a powerful library used for automating web tests. It is part of the Webdriver project. Selenium is a library which allows you to write test code using the web browser of your choice. It allows you to develop web applications in a similar way to desktop applications. This will enable the tested web application to work in any browser on any operating system. Selenium helps in the automation of web applications. As a test user, you click various elements in the application. As part of the test, you fill out pre-determined data and verify the populated fields. You can use Selenium to record your test case as a script. The script can be run multiple times with the same data. This makes test runs very efficient. Since it is a library, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. You can use the tools and libraries available in Python to get the things done. In this tutorial, we will be writing test cases for our Python application.

Install Selenium. We are going to use Python 3.6.0. If you are using Python 2.7.12, make sure that you have installed the following modules:

# Required package pip3 install selenium # Required package virtualenv # Required package source /path/to/wsk/bin # Required package python3 selenium. Now, create a virtual environment using the following command: # Create environment virtualenv testenv # Activate environment source /path/to/wsk/bin/activate # Install Python dependencies pip3 install -r requirements.txt Collecting django2.1 (from -r requirements.txt (line 1)) Downloading Django-2.tar.gz (177 kB) Processing dependenciestriggers.txt Collecting pytz (from -r requirements.txt (line 1)) Downloading PyTimezoneData-0.5.gz (109 kB) Installing collected packages: pytz Successfully installed Django-2.1 pytz-2017.

Is Selenium Python easy to learn?

Selenium is a powerful tool for automating web applications. But is it easy to learn? It is a programming language, and you need to learn a programming language to automate any application. You must have initial knowledge of HTML/Xpath/CSS before you start learning Selenium. It supports most popular browsers so you only need to learn one programming language. Also the free API provided by Mozilla Firefox is really user-friendly. I have tried my hands on it and it is fairly easy to learn if you practice little everyday.

The beginner's version of WebdriverIO is also providing web driver library by Selenium. It is a web based IDE and it easy for beginners to understand how you can use the library in your script.

Download and Install. You need to download the latest version of java and include it in your PATH environment variable and set it also in your system as system variable. You can download the latest version from java website. It is available for the following platforms:

Windows - For Windows 10 users open up CMD, type cd C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalProgramsJavajdk1.8.exe. Open this file and navigate to bin folder, then click on the jdk-8u171-windows-x64. This will provide you with the installation of java. Now you will need to add the java path to your computer by typing the following command

C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalProgramsJavajdk1.0171bin into the directory of your CMD, which would look like. Linux - Download the latest version of java from here. Open Terminal and navigate to the path of your download file.

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