How big does a camellia bush get?

Where is the best place to plant a camellia bush?

I've got 2 camellias in pots on my patio.

The first I planted in early spring, before it got really hot. I don't know the name, I just bought it at the grocery store. The second is from Lowes, and I planted it about a year ago. It's doing really well but is starting to grow out of control. I'm trying to decide where to plant another one, but I want to make sure it's where it will do best. Thanks!

Hi, and thanks for the reply. I live in SoCal and it has been pretty hot here, but this week was actually cooler. In our back yard we had about 5-7 inches of snow over the weekend and it was soooo cold. I'm thinking a little more protection will help it. I'll go out there later today to look and see if it has started to flower. I've looked online and it seems that camellias don't usually flower until about 4 years old. I would be planting one of the ones you have if I had a large enough area. Thanks again!

I have a camellia growing in my backyard and love it. It took 6 years to bloom, but it will. I planted two more ones a few years ago, and they are blooming every day now. They all get about 50 degrees of shade. I think you should be fine. If not, find some shade, but keep it warm. That is, if you're in SoCal. :)

When I planted mine, I planted it right at the base of a fence, to get shade and a breeze from the wall and the trees that were behind it. That way, I could still watch it bloom. We also had lots of snowfall this year, which helped the tree, too.

I have comellias in pots, and they are starting to bloom. The one in the pot is the only one I could find online, and I couldn't find any information on whether or not they would bloom in pots. If I hadn't planted it when it did, it probably would have died, but I love the color. I will give it some room to grow, but I'm thinking I will plant it in my new back yard with a bit more protection. :)

I have to say, I'm glad I went out and bought a camellia as soon as I saw it!

Are camellias hard to take care of?

I ordered this tree last year from the orchard about 4-5 ft.

into the ground. It is now a year and half old, and I noticed this morning that most of the leaves have dropped off. Now that it's cooler outside, I'm curious if were are comingllias supposed to be hard to take care of? I know that they like their full sun, well lit soil, etc. But if you keep them in the house on a porch, do they have to be watered regularly or could they die on the porch even with an overhead fan blowing the leaves onto the front walkways?

1 reply to ? I'm not an expert, but I think you need to prune the shrubs. Maybe put some light covering over them, and maybe put them outside every 3 weeks or so to protect them from moisture and sun damage until your warm season is over. If you have a green house, maybe you could keep the leaves on at night by covering them with glass if you didn't have air conditioning. Even if you let the leaves drop off, you should probably check on them every month or two. I can't imagine you'd let them get too dry. Do they get lots of rain in the fall?

As for temperature and moisture, I think everything (except plants) needs water. Plants can go a long time without a drop. We did have an extended and very dry time between fall and spring a couple years ago because my brother thought he was watering the trees more regularly and he wasn't. The trees dried up. As for a green house, yes, you need plenty of airflow for good humidity. I would use fans both inside and out and a mist system. They're small enough to move around so there's less risk of moving pests too.

The only thing I would say is beware of the roots spreading. As long as the soil drainage is good, they grow well and fruit very well. I have two varieties growing outdoors that need annual cleaning up or mulch, but otherwise that's about it.

I think of myself as an amateur. If you have questions, or you're just interested in learning more, feel free to email me, I will answer any questions I can.

Thanks for your advice! This tree is right up my alley and hopefully, I'll get it planted in our yard soon.

How big does a camellia bush get?

If you have a big tree how big are your roots?

How does the shape effect size or shape if it is a tree, a bush?

Here are some interesting things. When grown at home many camellia bush's can reach 1/2 feet high with 12" in diameter, I wonder what that would be? What I find interesting is how far a camellia bush can reach, I saw one last week, this one was at least 6 ft tall and 8 ft wide at it's base. It had three branches of equal size to support its mass.

In addition here is some video of camellias from Youtube I found interesting and thought would be of some interest. In my previous post I mentioned the size of camellias. Watch this video and see if you can tell whether they are Japanese, Siberian, California or Chinese camellias.

I don't know where you saw that one but thats not how those things work. A single one in full flowering will only get that size in all most cases. The "sizes" you see advertised etc are for "buds" which are very early growth stages and generally not as hardy as full flowering plants.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't grow them however. One can buy one very large camellia bush and enjoy it all year round although I am not sure that there are varieties which have ever shown "season after season" flowering success. They are lovely shrubs by any means though.

Ok, I know a lot more now about how to find one of the camellia shrubs I planted.

Do camellias like full sun or shade?

What were their planting heights and densities?

When did you plant them?

The most common size of camellia shrub available today is 8' high, 8' wide. I planted the first clump I bought in 1980 at 9' by 8' and they have been 8' by 8' for many years. I just planted some in my back patio this week and it was fun to see them pushing their way up a little more and more every day. It's time for some re-planting in my back yard so I can measure them next time I'm there.

I had camellias as an adult. They need some pruning to keep them from getting too large and shaggy. I grew camellias in Hawaii (they don't like hot weather) and kept them pruned. They have nice flowers and leaves. I didn't have time to plant them, but now they're just starting to bloom again.

I've never heard of camellia shrubs. I assume they are a tree, so they grow much faster than most other trees. The size was determined by availability -- there are really no shrubs or small trees in the yard, since all the ground is taken up by various evergreens, except for a very small area for the hydrangea.

I was told they do well in full sun, but that was years ago and I've forgotten -- I think it was someone at work. My mother grew them. They need a solid 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight. They grow extremely slowly, so they need lots of space and need to be "fertilized" with a tree food every year. They don't bloom or foliage until 10-15 years old, and then I've seen some flowers that lasted just a couple of days, even though they had beautiful blooms on them.

They are huge and expensive plants that look much more impressive when cut into sections, placed into water and then added to your collection of cacti.e. If you can grow them cheaply, try growing them outside and see how they do in the middle of summer in Arizona. It's an experiment best left alone.

I thought they were a shrub too, then someone told me they were a tree and have been telling me they are evergreen trees all along.

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