Where can I find OpenVPN file?

Where is the OpenVPN server config file?

I've just installed whonix and running whonix-setup. I'm trying to set up my server as a VPN but I can't find the OpenVPN server configuration file. I found a provisioning script on my laptop that is importing the config from OSX which I assume will import the config from the client machine but I can't find it anywhere.

My OSX is MacPro.local and my config file is /Users/myname/.config/openvpn/server.conf
Any help would be greatly appreciated. One other question: When I create an account on the openVPN website, do I just copy a login and password to the server.conf file? The configuration file is stored in ~/.conf (the three dots means it is hidden). You can find it with ls -a ~/.config or less ~/.

How to configure OpenVPN server on Linux?

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Where can I find OpenVPN file?

Are there any paths to get resolved?

I couldn't find the full path, but here's how it was installed. Sudo npm install openvpn. In my case, I got it as installed into this directory on my ubuntu 12.04 machine: /usr/local/lib/nodemodules/openvpn.

How I then got the client working was by adding the following arguments at the top of my vpn.conf file: push "route 10.8.0 255.0"
Push "route 192.168.0"
# OpenVPN supports four different types of connections: UDP, TCP, TLS/SSL, or PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA2 (aes-256-cbc). # udp and tcp are the default choices if these parameters aren't specified. This VPN only supports one type of connection mode.
server 10.0 split-horizon ccd mode udp. # Experienced some performance issues when using udp. Feel free to change to tcp to # support other network setups which may also require changing this setting. # Choose an algorithm for v2 OpenVPN protocol handshakes: pycrypto compatible, OpenSSL compatible (default), or crypto compatible. #crypto-compatible means that the 'server' implements a version of the same security mechanisms as client in v3 handshake. # OpenVPN servers allow different options with different means of authentication. Two basic methods are: Server-side certificates (which appear (TLS) on the initial handshake), and Server-identification by hostname (which is sent (DTLS) in the hello message of each new connection). Supplied with certs for alias name 'east2' and an RSA private key.
# Certificate options can be listed comma separated onto the same line, in which case they are mutually exclusive. When using Server-side certificates or hostname config option, the client must include a certificate verification option on the client's SSLCTX struct. A CA certificate (usually already on the system) is needed to verify the server's certificate.
# Use a password with no user name ("password") to make connections from (requires tls plugin).

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