Where is SmartDNS on Surfshark?

How do I find my SmartDNS?

SmartDNS is an app for your phone that allows you to access your Wi-Fi network, and block out the porn sites or allow them through.

It's available for Android and iOS.

How do I install SmartDNS on my computer? Once you have downloaded the SmartDNS app, you will need to go to your settings, and then select Mobile Network. SmartDNS will detect your device and automatically download the correct app, as well as your Smart DNS settings. You can also do this manually by clicking on Mobile Network, and then going to More Settings. Under Mobile Network, click Settings. In More Settings, you will find Smart DNS, which will allow you to either allow or block sites. How do I block sites? By default, most SmartDNS apps block all porn sites. However, you can also set it up so it only blocks certain sites. Click on the green button that says Allow access to all websites. This is a list of all websites. You can choose which ones you want to block. If you would like to block all adult sites, you can use the tick box at the top of the list.

Alternatively, you can click on the individual website links in the list, and then choose Block access to this website. You can then enter in the address for the website you wish to block, which will make it appear as a blocked site. This is only useful if you know the exact URL of the porn site. You can access the address by clicking on the link that takes you to the website.

This is the same process for blocking or allowing websites for the iPhone and iPad version of SmartDNS. How do I unblock sites? You can also unblock websites for any website you would like. How do I setup automatic updates? You can enable automatic updates for your SmartDNS app on the Settings tab.

How do I change my location on SmartDNS Surfshark?

When you first install Surfshark, you will be presented with a screen that asks you to enter your location.

This is important because it will determine the region that you are in, which determines the price you will pay for your service.

Note: If you are upgrading from another ISP, you will need to enter your old account information when prompted. We'll call the default location North America for the purpose of this guide. When you first sign up, you will be prompted to enter your location. Enter North America.

If you are a new customer, this will be the only prompt you will receive. But, once you start surfing, you will be presented with the location prompt again. The following screen will be displayed. To change your location, follow these steps: From the Surfshark menu, click the location link in the left navigation. Click the Change Location button. Enter your location, which will be determined by the region you chose when signing up. For example, if you entered North America, your location will be set to North America.

After you have changed your location, you will be prompted to confirm your location. Click the Confirm Location button.

In order to confirm your location, you must be within the boundaries of the chosen region. The region you selected at registration is used as your region when confirming your location.

If you live outside of the region that you choose at registration, you will be presented with an error message. In addition, when you start surfing, you will be presented with the location prompt again. Surfshark is powered by Surfshark's API. The API allows Surfshark to give you real-time statistics and other information about the performance of your connection. You can view the data by clicking the View API link in the left navigation.

You can view your API data using the Web-based interface or using our mobile apps. To view your API data using the Web-based interface, go to your Surfshark dashboard. On the dashboard, click the API link in the left navigation.

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