How much do manual testers make per hour in the US?

Is manual testing a good career?

This is a question I can't answer from my own experience.

But if you're reading this blog, you may be someone who is actively involved with manual testing. If you are, then you have an insight into this question, but if you are someone who isn't, it might be worth to know: ? The answer is: that depends on you, but for me, yes.

What is Manual Testing? So what does Manual Testing mean? Usually it's a job for the company IT people. Usually it's some low-level grunt work like looking at some screen, copy and paste some info in a spreadsheet, etc. If you've done this sort of manual testing for a year, you start noticing that it does often result in something more interesting. And in my case I'm glad about that. This is where the value is: manual testing is one of the best ways to get more interesting work.

Let me tell you about how I got there. For the longest time I was one of the guys without a name in management team meetings. The team was responsible for various projects. We used to have a senior tester in the group. He did all the tests. And he didn't even use a testing tool. Just writing test cases and running them. He had the most seniority of anybody. He would come to me every now and then and say hey, look I have some really good ideas for an automated test, but I had nothing to do with testing. Sometimes he would come and say hey can you look at a screen that says 'You are not a senior tester'. I would just copy and paste a picture from google into our internal documentation viewer and move on.

He kept me in the dark about all the automated testing tools that were out there (there was something called TestLink. You were supposed to buy the source code and you can make your own testing tool. There was also the whole concept of Unit Testing - it was supposed to help testers and make it easier to test software together, ie the automated testing)

But after a while, one day my manager came to me and said look at you, can you actually understand these things?

What is the salary for 2 years experience in automation testing?

I would like to work on a team that is mainly focused on automating web applications.

Your best bet is to get a job, and when you get one, ask. It will be more clear to know how they pay. Your resume can never do that for you, and if your offer starts low, it probably won't be worth your time to negotiate, especially since you're new and this is probably all about money.

You have been working for over a year now, you should ask. However, even if you have been working for over a year, it's only your 3rd year in the industry. If you haven't asked yet, it's hard to tell whether it is because you are scared of the answer or they aren't giving you the answer at all. It's not unusual to see people in their mid 20's making 70K or 80K.

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