What is the keyboard shortcut for dictation?

What is the keyboard shortcut for dictation?

I've enabled it, but can't figure out how to use it.

The help says "Press the menu key and a keyboard shortcut that begins with the letter D will be displayed." I've tried all possible combinations of the menu and D keys in vain.

I don't have any trouble activating it, so it must be enabled by default. I'd like to know how to access it to make myself a note in Pocket Now.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for that yet? That's really a major omission for iPad users who don't live on their laptops 24/7. If I'm reading my Kindle or listening to audio books while I ride my bike, I would like to take notes quickly, and having to tap the virtual D key on my keyboard or trackpad seems to defeat the purpose.

Also, I'd really like to have a more powerful version of dictation. Maybe one where you can actually edit the text, as opposed to just transcribing. (Or maybe in this next version that will be possible. )

Are the shortcuts and menus in the new iPad OS limited by hardware or are there technical reasons for not including such things? My guess is the latter. In that case, a lot of users will probably be disappointed because they will think this is how it was meant to be, like how the iPad is supposed to work.

My guess is that this is a limit imposed by the hardware. It can't do the shortcuts because there are no physical keys corresponding to them. And the keyboard shortcuts are necessary for basic tasks like creating a note and editing text.

On the Mac, in dictation mode, I can hold down the Cmd key, then tap the space bar. The space bar is the only key that works universally; for instance, it works in every third party app (I use VoiceOver in Keynote), but in most apps the keyboard shortcuts aren't available to people with physical disabilities.

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