Why is SMTP port 465 not working?

Does Gmail support port 465?

Gmail does not support SMTPS port 465.

But you can use it with the port 443 which is considered secure by Google.

So if you are not using SMTP/POP3/IMAP services on your Gmail, then it will best to use port 443. The only one who still uses port 465 is when he is behind an Exchange server. In this case he needs to setup IMAP access to his Exchange mailbox from his Gmail account.

Google does not say this but they clearly recommend using the secure port: "If your mail client doesn't support SSL for mail access, Gmail supports SSL so that you can access your email while the site's mail servers are being attacked. " The following screenshot shows Gmail only using 443 for SMTP: To enable the SSL port Gmail needs to be instructed to use it. To do this: Open your web browser, and type in. Gmail automatically assumes that you are a secure connection from your browser and presents you with the certificate page. At the end of the page click on Get Started. Here you need to enter your Gmail password and accept that you want to use the SSL port. (See the screenshot above) A notification about enabling the SSL port is displayed on the browser window. So, you now know that Google forces you to use port 443 when connecting to Gmail. So, if you can live without SMTP, pop3 or imap protocols and use your own mail client, then you can use port 465.

If you are using Gmail with the POP3 protocol only, then you can enable POP3 access in Gmail by clicking on the Help tab. There you find the POP3 section where you can enable the port. Port 465: When you enable the port you will get an error on your browser that the website is using a secure connection. This is normal.

If you are not connected to the internet you will not be able to see this error. But as soon as you access the internet you will be presented with the error.

But, if you are not using any of the mentioned protocols then this error does not matter. Google did not say this but this article clearly shows that you should use port 443 to connect to Gmail.

Why is SMTP port 465 not working?

I am trying to send email through PHP using the method explained here: However, I keep getting an error that says: Error: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

I have tried to debug this by checking my PHP.ini file and it seems like it is configured correctly.

In the past, I have used an SMTP server and been able to send email from a web browser but I am now trying to use the API method and I am running into this problem. The only thing I can think of is that the server I am trying to send email from is behind a firewall or some other type of security issue that may be preventing me from sending email. However, I have tried to contact the owner of the server (it's an old server that I acquired from a previous project) and he has not had any problems with email sending.

I would appreciate any help in getting this working. I have checked the SMTP ports on our mail server and they are all set correctly.

Thanks! If your web server is behind a firewall or has other security restrictions on outbound mail (such as not being able to relay), then you may have to specify the ip of the server that you want to send email from, rather than the hostname (the one with the smtp.server=. Parameter).

Is Google SMTP 465 or 587?

I am having trouble getting Google Apps to send mail from my domains.

For the past few days, I have been having to use 587 and SMTP authentication instead of 465 and TLS authentication. This is causing my users to have problems with connecting to Gmail.

Google does not document this difference in their documentation. I've tried changing my DNS to reflect 587, but it hasn't worked.

Can someone explain to me why I need to use 587 and SMTP authentication instead of 465 and TLS authentication? Thanks. I would guess that your servers are blocking the incoming connections (465) because you are using an invalid port for your SMTP server. I don't know why you are doing this.

Your Google Apps account should be set up to use the SMTP port 587 by default. If it isn't, you need to contact support and ask them to change it.

The port 465 was chosen for reasons of backwards compatibility. However, your servers are blocking it because they are configured to do so. This is not a setting that you should ever have to change.

I would guess that your servers are blocking the incoming connections (465) because you are using an invalid port for your SMTP server. I don't understand why I need to change the port 465 to 587? Why doesn't my server just listen on the 587 port like it is supposed to? Because it's not a setting that you should ever have to change. It's an intentional restriction that Google has put in place for a very good reason.

You cannot use the 465 port because most servers block connections to that port. To support legacy systems, Google has intentionally blocked that port.

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