How do I enable Excel 4.0 macros in group policy?

How do I enable macros in Office 365?

The question has been asked several times in several forums.

The Office 365 team confirmed macros are not activated. You can enable macros through Exchange 2024 in the Exchange admin center, but not in Office 365.

If you use Outlook on the web or mobile for work or personal use - the answer is YES: Office 365 offers Office as native app, this means you can activate macros and all other features and have to adapt it to Microsoft's online office. Outlook 2024 does not support macros because it is an Outlook branded application and will be discontinued at end of next year - so I would recommend you to use Gmail in combination with "Onenote" plugin to have a fully functional solution (but beware of Google's spam filters, which might block macros if they are too complicated/insecure) If you want to use Exchange (2013, 2016) for desktop version on PCs and Macs - not activated - there are ways to make it work, but it is much more work and more hacky solution than to just use the cloud version. As of December 2024, Macros are not yet available in the new Office 365 apps.

Does Office 365 block macros?

I am using it to generate a pdf invoice and my computer crashed.

After I restared it and reloaded the invoice template it is fine but the invoice is not generated properly.

@Lorri, I am looking at the same issue, but I found an oddity that occurs when trying to edit an email in O365. When I double click on a file, it opens a blank document in Microsoft Word (I have a subscription for this purpose). But if I hit the "insert file" icon, then the file opens and everything is fine. If I insert a new message to that email, it works just fine.

This is the only solution I have for this issue. For now, my workaround is just to copy/paste that email into an offline text editor like Notepad. But, it's annoyance.

I did the same thing and had the same problem, tried multiple ways to fix it. The solution I found was to click on the email attachment, open up an notepad and copy everything within the email, paste it back into the email and saved the email again. Works fine.

There is also a third party tool to do this but if you want an alternative solution here is what I came up with.

How do I enable Excel 4.0 macros in group policy?

I'm in the process of trying to enable macro's for the user's in our environment.

We're currently using group policy, however the macro's I'm referring to are for Excel 4.0. The server has no other version of excel installed. Is there any way to get a group policy setting that allows us to enable these macros? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You don't need to install a special version of Excel for your environment. You can allow users to run macros from any version of Excel that is installed. Just create the GPO and add the appropriate policy settings for the users that you want to allow to use the macros.

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