Why did Mullvad remove port forwarding?

Does Mullvad have an iOS app?

Can I sign into my iCloud account using the Mullvad iOS app, just to be sure?

Yes. From Mullvad's iPhone homepage, tap on the cloud icon at the top of the app (where it says 'Account' in the image below). Then enter your details and log in.

Once you've logged in, it should take a second for all your settings to sync up with your phone. Why am I not logged in automatically after installing the app? You have to select "automatic login" from the "Options" menu to trigger a connection to your iCloud. How can I make sure Mullvad keeps saving my location history on my iPhone even when I turn off and remove the app? If you turn off and remove the Mullvad app on your iOS device, and then download and install the new version, Apple will ask you to approve permission to save your location history from iCloud. You can choose to let it or not. To let it, click the button at the bottom-right side of the screen to save your current location history.

Is Mullvad legal in my country? All the data you share through Mullvad is encrypted. We keep a full list of Mullvad VPN servers around the world. They can be located in countries that are known for good privacy and where it's important to encrypt your Internet traffic.

What countries are Mullvad servers in? For countries Mullvad does not officially offer servers in, we do our best to offer a server in the closest country to the destination country for most users.

Does Mullvad have a mobile app?

I've used the online service before, and it's always been really reliable.

But I'm about to have some friends coming over and I want them to be able to use it while they're here. I'm just a bit worried that they might experience an outage. Is it possible that it could go down?

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I'd say a yes, but not a good yes. I haven't ever had a bad experience with them. But I've also never had one of their systems go down or completely cease to function, either. If it doesn't go down, they just give you some lame excuse about why it's down (like they did a few days ago for 3 hours) or tell you it's due to maintenance. It's not like we can complain that we didn't know they were down so we couldn't do anything.

Their support staff has been terrible when it comes to communication, though. They don't offer phone support 24/7, and you have to request it, and they can take days or even weeks to respond to your request. When they do respond, they never say what went wrong, but rather they suggest that you contact their tech support or customer service department. Then you have to spend an hour with them, and they never call back.

Is Mullvad still good for Torrenting?

After one full month I've been asked for my personal opinion about if Mullvad is still good or not for torrenting (not my point though). So I've decided to write a review about it and hope you could do the same Let's start from my experience that I've had from the very first days of using it and maybe it could help people to choose if they should download or not using the service. Hope you can check out some screenshots too because the service changed so much in this month.

I've chosen another user to test it with, and he has more than 1000 seeds so even you use only 100 seeds you would download at least 80.2 MB/hour. His speed is much higher than other users of Mullvad, for example the one I mentioned before him that uses 0 seeds and only downloads at 14 KB/s. For me I always see high speed when I use the program, I don't remember when I see a few seconds and then my ISP decides to upload a massive part of traffic to somewhere in the continent.

The new policy is: To limit your speed to around 25 MB/s in total and never below 18 MB/s per day. To make the maximum usage of your connection available each day and night. To ensure you get the most out of your connection during peak times (day time). A lot of you asked me if I've thought about removing seeds from the service because there are not enough legitimate users and they have more than what we need to distribute the files and it was my answer: no, absolutely not, I love the service because it allows all the people to share the same files, it's just that Mullvad needs legit users like my friend as well, otherwise many would be unhappy. I've added some screenshot because my opinion hasn't been enough since the change. Let's see them: Screenshot 1. There's been a huge change in Mullvad. When you open the program and connect it asks you the IP address of your router. This makes all users to add the IP to the list with all the other friends from the same IP.

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