What is PureSquare?

What is PureSquare?

Why use PureSquare?

PureSquare is your personal, on-demand, customizable, digital photo frame that lets you view your favorite photos as a slideshow or portrait (slide-mode). It also allows you to add and play video (slide-mode) and customize how it looks.

's unique user experience? PureSquare helps you turn any smartphone or tablet into a smart photo frame! View your favorite images on your home screen and instantly view them as a slideshow of up to 10,000 images. Switch between your image gallery, video gallery and the current photo in your timeline. Use photo filters like Retro, Fuzzy, Noir, Monochrome or Popart.

Use this app on the following devices. Android tablet with Android 2.3 or higher Android phone with Android 2.3 or higher Apple iPad. IPhone 5 or newer. Android phone (non-tablet). Apple iOS. IPhone 4 or newer. Get more from your PureSquare app! The app offers multiple ways for you to view your images - whether you like slideshows, portraits or videos. You can: Create a Custom Home Screen Layout - Create your own screen layout on your home screen. Create an album of any size. Change the layout, image/video size, theme color and fonts for each item.

Create your own screen layout on your home screen. Flip through any item in your timeline . Pick one of your favorite items in your timeline and flip through your images or videos as a slide-show or portrait (slide-mode). Scroll vertically or horizontally . Drag and drop items into another position in your timeline. Open an item in fullscreen or halfscreen mode.

Or mode. View a photo in the grid (grid-view).

In the (grid-view). Change theme (colors, fonts, and transition effects).


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