How do I join WhatsApp beta tester on iPhone?

How do I join WhatsApp beta tester?

I would like to join the BETA program. My device: Galaxy Grand (AT&T) software version: 4.0.3 build ID: 2/0914

There is no option to join Beta in the settings app. When I went to whatsapp web site it says "To sign up for beta program and join the testing team, visit this URL: Now click Submit signup form". So I tried that. This opens the form. The form looks like this. WhatsApp released a new version - v.5.12. This new version includes many new features. You can read our announcement. One of these new features is the BETA Test Program. The test group has an optin link, where you can choose if you want to join the test group. Please read how to join in this thread. You can try the WhatsApp Beta here.

When you want to use the Whatsapp Beta App or Web Client (see below), you need to go to your device settings to add your phone number. Otherwise you will not be able to verify with WhatsApp if your request has been handled correctly.

How to use WhatsApp Beta App or Web Client. To use the Whatsapp Beta App you have to have a number. If you want to use the client, just go to Settings / Apps & notifications and add your phone number. Make sure you also do this for the mobile and phone. If you try a direct WhatsApp beta test without number, they will not be able to call you and you won't be able to see your message history. With these steps, you should be able to use the Whatsapp beta app: .

In my country it's forbidden by law that I should send whatsapp spam. So how do I prevent spam? How can I join beta testing WhatsApp? First make sure that you disable all other messages which also has the word WhatsApp in their text body when this question was answered before.

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