What is the difference between a record and SRV record?

What is the SRV service record?

In order to resolve a host name in a Domain Name System (DNS) zone, an SRV record must be in the zone's resource records (RRs). In the DNS, an RR is a record that specifies information about a resource. The record provides this information via the Resource Record field of the RR packet format, as follows:

Resource Record Field. Description. Type. 1

The type of the resource. This value can be used to identify how to interpret the remaining fields. If the type field contains the string "SRV", the remaining fields will be interpreted as the SRV resource record.

Priority. 2

The relative priority of the resource with respect to other resources of the same name. Lower values are preferred over higher values. When multiple records with the same name exist, the default value is zero.

Weight. 3

The number of times that a query for a resource should be treated as a duplicate by a DNS resolver. Target. 4

The IP address or FQDN of the target server for the service. A DNS name that points to an IP address can also be represented by a CNAME record.

Port. 6

The port number of the service. 8

A textual string that is specific to the particular service.

What is the SRV record in Minecraft?

The SRV record is used in IP address lookup.

It contains the following fields: hostname. Port. Service (SRV). Weight. The hostname is a fully qualified domain name. The port is a port number of the service and the weight is a numerical value indicating how important the service is for the host. The default weight is 0.

The hostname is the hostname the service is running on, the port is the port number the service is listening on and the weight is a number that indicates the relative importance of the service. If you want to find out more information about the SRV record, read our article on SRV records. How to use a SRV record in Minecraft? When using a SRV record in Minecraft, you need to know the hostname, port number and the weight of the service you are looking for. Open Minecraft and type /srv. The server will start and look for services that are running on the given port number. It will display a list of services that can be found on that port. Type the hostname, port number and weight of the service you are looking for and press enter. The server will now return a list of services with a match between the SRV record of the service and the given hostname, port number and weight. You can use the /srv command multiple times to get more results. Note: You can use the /srv command without any arguments to only get the list of all services. How to use a SRV record in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In Bedrock Edition, you can use the /srv command in the Minecraft server to find the port of the Minecraft service you are looking for. To find the port of the Minecraft service you are looking for, open the Minecraft launcher and start a server. In the server, type /srv and press enter.

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