What is a scraping tool called?

What is the use of plastic scraper?

Basically, it depends. If you want to make a cleaner kitchen, then yes, it is useful. If you want to eat your dinner without getting a piece of plastic in your mouth, then you are definitely better off without plastic scraper.

If you need to scrape ice off of your car window, then you might want to grab one. But if you do so, you would probably want to clean the entire window, and since you can't, you are probably better off without the scraper.

The question would be, how dirty is your window? If it is covered in snow, dust, dirt, and leaves, and you don't have a clear view of the glass, then yes, you can clean it with the scraper, since it will scrape the dirt off that is right up next to the glass and you can't easily see. If it is clean, then you probably don't need to use the scraper, since it will just rub some of the dirt right into the window glass. And since you can't see the glass anymore, there is no harm in it.

Finally, a note about plastic. If you accidentally leave plastic on the floor or sidewalk, it is likely that you are more likely to get contaminated by it. So maybe grab a rubber glove to grab your plastic scraper.

Can I use a plastic scraper on car paint?

We just bought a used BMW E39 M5 from a guy who drove it until he sold it. A week or two before we drove it home the guy painted it black. The interior looks great and the body even better than before but I noticed that it's very scratched (see attached pics).

What is the best way to remove that paint off and repaint it? A plastic scraper (with a good grip on it) would be a good tool for this right? If I do use a plastic scraper, will it harm the body? Because you see scratches everywhere and I hate it. I don't want to take it all off and repaint it again.

Thanks. You should definetly check that what you are using is a non-skid pad or something. If it isn't then the paint will come right off. You shouldn't have any problem with plastic/rubber. But I know that if I were to try to sand on a lot of black metal it would be way too hard to do in a decent manor

You could use steel wool. I think. I'm not exactly sure if I remember if I've done it.

You really should use a metal brush though. That way you won't actually scratch the finish (I believe) but still give it a good clean job.

Quote: Originally Posted by rpcl. We just bought a used BMW E39 M5 from a guy who drove it until he sold it. The interior looks great and the body even better than before but I noticed that it's very scratched (see attached pics).

A plastic scraper (with a good grip on it) would be a good tool for this right? Do you not mean like this? That looks exactly like what it is intended for - as someone stated, it is non-skid and it is designed to get rid of the old finish. It does NOT scratch your surface.

Do plastic razor blades work?

Yes. But not quite. Here's why.

A plastic razor blade is an excellent material for a shaving blade. I think it's superior to glass, stainless steel, and even ceramic, all of which are too brittle to resist the stresses of sharpening and cutting properly. For this reason, the plastic blade can be made thinner than glass or steel, is more flexible, is more likely to retain its shape, and can be made with a more complex profile that lets you get closer to your face and more closely shave.

There is one flaw with plastic blades that makes them less than ideal, and that is that they tend to dull quickly. A plastic razor blade dulls over time because it is a brittle material that wears when stressed. A softer material like glass would not wear at the same rate. If you want a razor blade that will last longer, you must select a glass or ceramic.

I know that I've been raving on about this plastic blade so much, but I think it is an important topic to consider. When a plastic blade loses its sharpness, it gets replaced with a new plastic blade, but it is not really being improved. Plastic does not grow sharp edges, it doesn't improve itself, and it doesn't retain its sharpness when stressed. In some cases, this problem may be the point. There are plastic razor blades that were designed to dull slowly as an effective feature. They are intended to be used by people who are not too concerned about sharpness, and are looking for something that will cut smoothly.

When a glass blade breaks or dulls, it can be repaired. The broken bits can be ground smooth and sharpened, and a new glass blade can be bonded on top of the broken piece. This is not as simple as it sounds, because the razor blade is too brittle to simply grind or mold the glass into the broken bits. Even if it could be made to work, the new razor blade could dull again in a week or two.

The repair of a broken glass blade is far more time consuming than a new razor blade. It requires skilled labor to create the custom blade, and some of the work involves melting the broken razor blade and molding it into shape. Then the molding process is repeated to create a whole new blade.

What is a scraping tool called?

I came across a question yesterday on Quora about the different methods of scraping pages and it got me thinking that there is a term to refer to this kind of tool. I searched around on the web but couldn't find anything. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is a scraper called? I would appreciate it if you would provide a link if possible.

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Not a single one. Scrapers are used to collect information from web pages. A 'scraper' program, typically runs on a local machine and connects to a website via a web browser and then collects data from that site and saves it locally.

Scraping is a broad term, which can mean a lot of things. As you say, the definition seems to be an automated process that collects information from websites. Most people are familiar with scraping as a technique for making money from sites that pay a fee for their content (eg: click throughs on ads).

This is what makes scraping an interesting idea. One is able to save a lot of time by automated processes, like the above example. It is also a great way to learn programming as well.

As I mentioned before, there are many kinds of scrapers. The most basic kind is the 'headless' scraping. Headless scraping means scraping data from websites without having to load up a web browser or type in search parameters. Instead, a program uses web requests to collect the data. For more info on how that works, see here.

Here is an example of how to use Python's urllib2 library to download all the images from this website: A second kind of scraper is called 'crawler' and that can be thought of as the same thing as headless. The difference is that the crawler will load web pages in-order and only visit the pages it finds on the way. This can be very useful because some sites are difficult to find, but if they don't load and the crawler has already visited them, they may have useful content.

If you are interested in how to make these types of programs, here are some good resources to get started: If you want to write your own scraper, there are many ways to do it. A lot of them are pretty involved and require knowledge of programming, but it is a fun thing to do.

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