Can we upload image using Selenium WebDriver?

How to upload image in Selenium WebDriver using sendKeys?

I'm writing a simple WebDriver Test Case using Selenium.

I want to upload a File into my "fileUpload" Form.

I managed so far to click on the "Upload File" and then select a file from my Computer. The file get successfully uploaded.

The Problem is that the Upload dialog box is not getting automatically closed so that I can send the file with the sendKeys() function. I already tried: driver.findElement(By.sendKeys("C:UsersmyNamePicturestest.png");

But nothing happens. Help is very appreciated. You can find an element with the following id and then use a separate action after the click : driver.findElement("fileupload-uploadfile")).click();

Can we upload image using Selenium WebDriver?

My goal is to click a button in an online registration form which I already know the name of the button and its exact location inside the form.

If someone could point me towards resources that would be great. Thanks.

Sure, this can be done with something like selenium webdriver but your question isn't entirely clear. I will try to respond to your question. When you get to the point in your process when you want to click on a button you should have an idea as to what type of button it is. If you know it's type then the easiest option would be to just locate it on the page and click it via css
. . Lets say your input element is the one containing the button, you can use css to locate it on the page.findElement(By. Actions class comes from the java Action class. Here is an example where I have created an action.

WebElement selectButton = driver.findElement("option-0"));
Actions actions = new Actions(driver);. Actions.moveToElement(selectButton);; The above code finds your element and clicks on it. Now there are many different ways you can do css or action locators. But as you progress you will learn how to use them.

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