Can I reset my iPhone without losing anything?

Can I reset my iPhone without losing anything?

Yes, just backup your iPhone and restore.

Make sure you use iTunes version 10.2.1 or newer because older versions did not support this feature. There are many tutorials online about how to restore an iPhone backup. This is a simple way to restore an iPhone that has been bricked.

If you had only backed up data and settings for Apps and Contacts then there is also a restore assistant in iTunes which works very well and should do the job. For a guide click here.

Yes, you can. But first make sure you have a connection to your computer via an USB cable, then you have to follow the steps below.

Make sure you have an internet connection from your computer. Plug your iPhone into your computer's USB port using an USB cable. Connect the phone to the USB cable. Launch iTunes. It will launch automatically on most computers. Your computer should now detect the iPhone connected.

In iTunes click on the Summary tab. On the left-hand side under iTunes > Apps, click 'Restore'. You will be presented with an iPhone Restore Options window.

Enter your iPhone passcode and iTunes will begin the process of restoring your iPhone to its factory settings. Step 3 - Connecting your iPhone to iTunes. Before restoring make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer using an USB cable. The iPhone device is connected to the computer now. In the future, when you want to restore your iPhone, connect it using the USB cable. Otherwise, if you remove the phone and then try to restore it will not work.

Connecting an iPhone that is still running the iPhone OS 8.x firmware to an iTunes is not enough; you have to connect it using the iTunes app (if you don't have the latest version of iTunes, you will need to upgrade to 10.1 or newer, and download the latest version here).

How do I do a soft reset on my iPhone?

How to soft reset your iPhone.

Do you want to reset the iPhone to factory defaults? You can also soft reset the iPhone, but it is not necessary to do so. To do a soft reset, first disconnect the device from the computer or charger. You should now be able to open the Settings app.

Then you will have to tap on General and tap on Reset. After that tap on Reset button at the bottom of the screen. This will erase all the data and settings that you currently have on your iPhone, after that your phone will be ready for fresh installation of iOS operating system. If you are afraid of losing data, it is best that you back up the data first using a data recovery software.

Can I reset my phone without losing everything?

How to recover accidentally deleted text messages on iPhone

How to recover accidentally deleted text messages on iPhone. If you have accidentally deleted a message, it is frustrating to know that your message is gone forever. But you cannot retrieve that message at any time you need to receive it. It is really painful when your valuable SMS sent to the wrong person. Do you know how to reset iPhone or reset iCloud and retrieve those lost messages? Let's check out the article, and hope that you can help you get back the lost messages easily.

How to recover the accidentally deleted text messages on iPhone? Before you check out the steps for recovering an accidentally deleted message, you may want to understand why your iPhone cannot recover it at any time. Here we will discuss three main reasons: When you are not using your iPhone, there are some cases for the deletion of messages, such as, you turn off your iPhone when you are driving; When you have your iPhone in the airplane mode, it will delete those messages; When you use Find My iPhone function of iPhone, it will delete those messages as well. The reason is that the data can only be deleted after 24 hours when you use Find My iPhone.

You should turn on your iPhone again and restore it to default, then you will find the lost messages on your iPhone, and you can see all of them on your iPhone. What should you do if you lose an important message? First, remember that your messages are saved on iCloud automatically. You can restore your iPhone to the default and it will be like you didn't use your iPhone in the last few days.

The second thing is, if you think you have sent the message to a wrong person, you should not worry about it too much. Sometimes, we have a misunderstanding with someone. For example, I send some messages to a wrong number before and it's not really annoying.

After all, as long as you have no more hope to retrieve the message at any time, you can try to reset your iPhone. You don't worry about the data that has been stored on your iPhone, but if you send messages to someone's name you have saved, you won't lose it.

How to reset iPhone or reset iCloud to retrieve lost messages?

Can I reset my iPhone and keep everything?

Can I save my apps and data?

First, let's quickly go over the pros and cons of moving. On the one hand, it's a great way to get more space for other stuff. It could give you more room to play around with.

On the other hand, you're getting rid of all your stuff, so that means it might be hard to get back up to speed if you ever want to go back to any of your old stuff. Let's take a look at some of the biggest downsides and decide for yourself if it's a good idea. You might decide that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

What will I lose? The good news is that you get to keep all of your apps. They don't just go away or get removed from your phone. They stay on your computer and you can use them with no problem, or just have them set up with other computers or another iPhone.

This is a really big point in my book, since so many people aren't keeping their apps anymore. Many people used to think about it as being about losing everything, but now they're thinking about getting rid of every last app, and that's not what you need to do.

It's worth remembering that you can still make use of any apps you bought before the update. If you didn't feel like you needed to remove them from your iPhone, then you should still keep them. That way, they'll be there for later.

How long do I have? It's also nice to know that you've got lots of time before the upgrade ends. Once you've gone through and removed all of your apps, you should have at least a few days before it's over. If you're not keen on keeping your iTunes library backed up on your computer (and you should), then you'll definitely have enough time to finish the move.

If you're concerned about being back to square one, you can always get a fresh copy of iOS. While we're talking about the pros and cons, let's get a bit more specific about how to keep things as they are.

How can I keep my stuff?

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