How to output JSON to CSV?

How to convert JSON to CSV in VS Code?

I have been asked the question many times by my friend and colleagues while working on different projects. The question might be, "How to convert JSON to CSV in VS Code? Here I will help you to solve your query with detailed procedure of converting JSON to CSV file.

This article will be helpful if you are using the CSV extension for VS Code and searching a way to convert a JSON into CSV format. We will see a step by step guide of how to use the CSV extension for VS Code to make this process possible.

Install the CSV Extension for VS Code.

Click on Install Extension From Github. Select the Github URL. After successful installation of the CSV extension, it will add the following extensions to the toolbar: Note: You may not see the new extension while the status message will display the message, "Successfully installed". Let's have a look at each extension available under the "Extensions" section as we will see each extension individually. Generate a CSV File Open the editor and create a new folder inside the project folder. For example, I have used .csv as shown below:

Create a file in the newly created folder and name it as first.json, then add the following lines of code into it: Here is how it looks when we run our code: Now the output CSV will be something like this: The CSV extension for VS Code supports the JSON-to-CSV conversion process by allowing the user to create an initial json file and then convert it to CSV. The below command opens up an empty JSON file and converts the data to CSV.

Vscode.json-to-csv Here is how it looks like: Import a JSON from the URL. Another method to import JSON data into the CSV extension is to use the Url-to-CSV extension provided by GitHub.

What tool converts JSON to CSV?

It sounds trivial, but in my world of .

NET web service clients and servers there is no such tool. And I am sure there are others as well that have the same problem (or could have this problem). What tools do you use?
PS: I know we can use Json.NET but I am specifically looking for a tool/package that will convert a JSON string to a CSV string.Join to glue it all together.

If you don't want to go down that route you could take the first part of your original JSON string and create a List and then use DataContractJsonSerializer to write that out to a MemoryStream, or you could just serialise the entire thing into one big string - there are lots of examples if you search on SO.

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