How to load JSON into CSV?

What tool converts JSON to CSV?

I have a JSON string (which can be found at ) which I want to convert to a CSV file. I tried json2csv but it only converts the first row. How can I convert all rows?

If you want to just write it as a CSV file, you should use. Fileputcontents('mycsv. If you want to parse the JSON into an array, then you need to use jsondecode(). This will give you an array. From there, you can iterate over the elements in the array.

How to load JSON into CSV?

This question is about how to load a JSON file into a CSV file. I have tried many methods, but they don't work properly. My problem is that it seems I can't load the JSON file to the CSV file in the same path. In my situation, it looks like the JSON file can't be loaded to the CSV file.

Example: I have a JSON file, and the JSON file has some data. I want to store these data into the CSV file. If I just copy the JSON file into the CSV file, the JSON file can't be loaded. The CSV file is in the same folder.

I tried to use the Python module "json". I tried to open the JSON file using the variable "j", but the data from the JSON file couldn't be loaded.

If I try to open the JSON file using the module "open" or "json", it's working fine. But, I can't save the data into the CSV file.

Import json. With open('test.json', 'r') as j: j = json.load(j) print(j). with open('test.csv', 'w') as c: = csv.writer(c) writer. How can I solve this problem? In order to load your JSON to CSV file you can use json2csv, which allows you to write a JSON file to a CSV file without having to manually construct the CSV rows. Import json2csv. Import csv. With open('test.json') as fd: data = json2csv.parse(fd) with open('test.csv', 'w') as fd: writer = csv.writer(fd)

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