How do I turn on less secure apps in Gmail 2023?

How do I turn on less secure apps in Gmail 2023?

Do you notice that you are logged in to your Gmail accounts all the time? Is this really a good way to keep an eye on the content? It is true that Google introduced the less secure apps feature to keep you logged into it even though you don't have an account. Let us now focus on how you can make the less secure apps disappear completely and stop logging you into it. This is the question that is being asked by many new users who found themselves with no way of unplugging from their Gmail account.

To get started, tap on More at the bottom right corner of your Gmail screen and select Settings from the menu. Here, you will find two icons in the upper left corner which says App Settings and Sync settings. You can see these options when you scroll down.

When you click on either of these options, you will find a large list of less secure apps with the options to manage them. To remove these apps, click on Manage Apps on the next page. You will be required to enter your account credentials to login to your account.

After successful log-in, you will find yourself on a page with tabs named Sync and App Settings. You will also find a section named Apps from which you can access and manage the less secure apps. By default, you will find 10 apps listed here. Tap on Turn off access to less secure apps to uninstall each app as per your choice. However, if you prefer to turn off all the less secure apps from your Gmail account then tap on the tick button beside all the individual apps.

To stop logging into Gmail, you need to first disable the App settings option which is available on the main Gmail settings screen. Once you do that, you won't find any other option to disable the less secure apps.

Now, you will need to turn off the apps one by one. For example, if you choose to turn off all the apps, then you will also need to turn off the App Settings section. To do that, you need to unselect the Checkbox for the Apps to Sync section.

After unchecking the box, you will find a small button which says "Disable." You need to click on this to end the whole process. So, you will lose access to your Gmail account.

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