Is dark web safe for kids?

Is it safe to download a video from dark web?

How can I know that the video I am downloading is real? It would be very dangerous to download from dark web.

The best way to figure out what a file contains is to right-click it and choose "Properties". This will usually show you what the file is named, its SHA-1, its checksum and more. If the file is hidden, you'll have to go through the same process but with "Open" instead of "Properties". And if you don't have an archive manager, you can use 7-zip (free on Windows) to extract the file to the temp folder. The .zip file extension can also be opened in Windows Explorer or another archive tool.gz file extension can usually be opened with gzip which is freely available and is probably installed by default.

And then it's always a good idea to google the name/hash of the file to find out if you're looking at the file that the seller wanted you to. There are many different sources with varying degrees of quality and integrity, so sometimes just the reputation of a site matters and other times you need to use caution and common sense.

When it comes to safe sites, be weary of sites you haven't had any previous communications with. Also, when it comes to websites advertising illegal items, it helps to think about all the factors that might affect safety.

Is it illegal to visit a dark web site?

Yes. I have never done it myself, but I've read stories of people getting in trouble and being thrown in jail for visiting or downloading child porn on the Dark Web. This may be true, and is possibly why the FBI keeps a lookout for such sites, but if you go to (warning: NSFW) and look around for illegal content, you're as likely to find sites you can buy guns from as you are to find something that would get you arrested. But most of what's on is free to surf through, including some really incredible artwork. If you see anything that interests you, save the site link to your computer and try again in a few days, when new content is uploaded. Also, if you look hard enough, you can find an actual Dark Web site where you can download illegal material.

What exactly is the dark web? For starters, it isn't on the internet at all. It's mostly a collection of websites on private networks that can only be accessed with special software and a password. Some of these sites are created by criminals looking to sell you illegal material, others are created by groups and individuals looking to share information and ideas. Here are some popular sites that are on the dark web:

What's interesting about the dark web is that it has become quite a business for people trying to profit from whatever they post there. There are many ways to search the dark web, like using Tor's own built-in search engine or visiting websites like You can also use a private search engine that only searches on the dark web, like Tor is a network of servers that encrypts your internet traffic. Your connection is made up of nodes, which are websites that communicate with each other. Each node on the internet knows the data you sent to it, and then relays it to the next node. Each time your packet passes through one node, it encrypts it before sending it off to the next. The packets keep bouncing through nodes until they reach the final destination.

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