What is squid proxy?

What port number is reverse proxy?

I used the same method for my project (web2py) that I used in other projects. You need to configure your reverse proxy to listen on a port that is available for your subdomains to use and you have to set up the proper bindings for each webapp. You can do that in VirtualHost files with the ServerName attribute.com
ServerAlias www.abc.com
ServerAlias another. . With lite-speed server or lighttpd you also can run 2-3 reverse proxies (with no problem). In this case, it's even easier because you just have to set up a VirtualHost to be the reverse proxy and then it's done.

If you are going to use a reverse proxy (nginx, haproxy, lighttpd or something like that), it's much better if you make it listen on an available port that you can use to communicate with your server in a secure way. So the server can communicate with the reverse proxy in a secure way.

What is a proxy port for my wifi?

I have a wireless router.

Sometimes, when I want to open an app through an url like "", for example facebook, the web browser. Displays a page saying that the website is not accessible from this. Computer, or just fails to access the website, when all I do is to enter. What might be wrong? (Note: I'm running Chrome on Windows 7). Thank you! Answer. Your computer is configured to be accessed by others using the ip address. Of your wifi router. You have set the proxy address in the internet settings of your router to be the ip address of your computer so when you type in. The url of the website the address in your browser is different from the. Ip address that is assigned to your wifi router. You have enabled share connections on your router by selecting it from the preferences menu. By default your computer is configured to use http proxy 127.0.1 in the
Internet settings for other computers but since you are accessing a website. From 127.1 its not working. You can select a new IP address for your
Wifi router or select to change it using the network settings from windows. Menu and change it. Hope this helps.

I would love a bit of help or advice, I am having problems browsing the. Internet with my 3-yr-old laptop, and don't understand why! I am using a. Dell laptop that is about to give up the ghost. The latest that I've tried to get going is Windows XP, with 2 Ethernet ports; one for the Internet and. One for our printer. When I have Internet access, my problem is, I can't open any web page using Firefox or IE. That is, if I type www.google.com
Into the address bar, my screen refreshes and I get this message: This is a problem with some web servers, you may need to disable your anti-virus program to allow the proxy servers to work properly. There is nothing installed on my laptop that could prevent a visit to. The web! I tried changing the proxy IP address, but that didn't work. I tried changing the DNS addresses for my area - did not work.

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