Why is my SSL certificate not showing up?

Why is my SSL certificate not showing up?

I have been having problems with this for the last couple of days. I have 2 certificates. One is a self signed certificate and the other one is a Comodo certificate. For some reason the Comodo certificate is not showing up when I click on the image. I am new to using certificates so it could be that I am doing something wrong. I am using Firefox 16.0.2 and Mac OS X 10.8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you go to View->Certificates, it will show the certificate.

How do I import a certificate into Wireshark?

I have a server set up on my internal network. I have an SSL connection set up to communicate with the server and I have a self-signed SSL certificate installed on the client computer. How do I import the SSL certificate into Wireshark?

This is quite tricky, but I am pretty sure that you can do it. I did this myself just recently and here's what I did. Download the cert to your local computer. (not needed, but easier) Download and install the Windows ssl checker tool. Launch the ssl checker tool. Import the cert to check if it's valid or not. Delete the ssl checker. Launch wireshark, go to the "SSL" option and follow these steps : Set up Wireshark as SSL proxy. Go to capture and select SSL for the capture type. Set the proxy IP address as 192.168.0 (or any you like)
Select the certificate and click import. I hope it helps you. If you're just trying to have a "real" SSL connection, there are lots of guides on the web that show how to do this in Wireshark. If you're just wanting to test/diagnose for yourself, however, here's a simpler solution. If you have Wireshark 2.2 or later, follow the steps in this post to generate a temporary self-signed certificate. Make sure your cert name matches the hostname of the SSL session you want to test. Then run this command:
Sniffer -t *pcap. And then open up Wireshark and it'll automatically show you the captured SSL traffic.

How do I see the certificate in Wireshark?

I'm currently trying to work with the Wireshark source code, and I have downloaded it and installed it on my Windows 7. After I run the "wireshark" command, I can see the certificate on the terminal. However, I'm not sure how to see the certificate in Wireshark? It is possible that the cert has expired. Try running wireshark as administrator. The default behavior is to show the certificate in the left pane of Wireshark. Right click on the certificate in the left pane, and select "Show Certificate" from the menu. This is the default behavior of Wireshark. I was able to see the certificate for my test server from the default behavior.

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