Can parents use Family Link on Android?

How do I set up Family Link on Chrome?

I have 1 Chromebook I use at home. When Ibooked a time for a Granddaughter Appointment, the report of time asked for the "Set as Method of Payment" it was showing "Pay with Apple Pay or iCloud." I did look closer and my payment information that is what is showing was my Wallet but would not Safari still ask for some other type of method like credit card? I have never viewed @paypal billing info on a Chromebook.

Wallets. A scan of wallets in chrome showed that when we first signed up my husband had addition wallets and he could see the kids as part of family and only added those. There does not appears to be a kids wallet AND that I am paying for both of us. Any help would be appreciated.

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Can parents use Family Link on Android?

This post is still quite new, but I thought I'd share some of the information I've found. Also it seems many are having issues so I'm happy to provide advice as needed.

How can I use familylink on a mobile device? We have a Samsung GS2 and Apple iPhone 4S. On both phones, the screen hangs when a Find Families link appears in the Phone App. We have Family Link enabled on our devices. Any suggestions on how to get the phone app to work?
Answer from Debby: Don't believe the hype about Family Link. Family Link is a great plan for getting your children to be successful on their own. The money saved definitely makes it a good advantage for parents. The downside is that Family Link is only available on certain devices.

It costs nothing and is not paid after usage. You sign up through the Google Play store. It is free once downloaded into your device. At first, trying to find Family Link options can be a challenge because it is slightly hidden. If you hit the Premium Features link your screen should pop up to show you Family Link.

Now click on the F symbol for Family Link. When you land on the F symbol screen click on Families under Family Link. You should now see the screen shown by the earlier attachments. I do recommend that you use SMS over Family Link since it is easier to miss Family Link than to accidentally click on the wrong option. You can also make the Settings weather toggle/echoer/volume switch child only options.

Looking around forums and User groups it appears most people are trying to get this feature on both their devices. It will be interesting to see when Google changes to the new version of the app.

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