Is Stremio still free?

Does Stremio work on phone?

Answer: Stremio works great on both phones and tablets. The mobile version is based on Chrome and the web version is based on Firefox.

Question: Can I use my Android or iOS phone with Stremio? Answer: Stremio is a desktop application, so it's not meant for use on smartphones or tablets. However, if you are not bothered about using a full-screen browser and you like to use the app in portrait mode, you can set up the app to run in landscape mode.

Question: How do I get to the web version of Stremio? Answer: In Stremio, go to in your browser. Question: How do I get the mobile version of Stremio on my phone? Answer: You can install the desktop version on your smartphone. Question: How do I get the Stremio icon on my mobile device? Answer: You can add the icon to your smartphone's home screen by adding it as a shortcut. To add a shortcut, navigate to Settings > Apps and click Add. Then, search for Stremio, click Install and select Stremio from the list.

Question: How do I use my phone's browser to access Stremio? Answer: To use your phone's browser to access Stremio, you need to access the desktop version. So, go to in your browser.

Question: Do I need to install the desktop version to use Stremio on my mobile device? Answer: Yes, to use Stremio on a mobile device, you need to install the desktop version. Question: What about tablet? Answer: If you have a tablet, you need to use the desktop version. Question: How can I get Stremio for my TV? Answer: You can use Stremio on a TV by using a ChromeCast. Question: Can I connect Stremio to my Chromecast? Answer: Yes, you can.

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