Can I share my VPN connection via a hotspot on Android?

Can I share VPN connection via hotspot?

I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2, and I have a MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.5. I connect to my VPN (Mikrotik) using a VPN client on both machines. I'd like to use the MacBook as a hotspot for my iPhone, so that I can access the internet when I'm away from home without having to carry my phone with me, or tether it.

The iPhone connects to my VPN just fine. I've made sure that the VPN connection is turned on and that it's configured to use PPTP (using the Network Preferences > VPN > Connection type). I can see the "Connect" message in the status bar, indicating that the VPN connection is established. When I run the terminal command "netstat -tulpn", I can see that the VPN connection is listed under "Active VPN".

My MacBook is connected to the same WiFi network as my iPhone, and I'm able to connect to the VPN via the VPN client on the MacBook. But when I try to connect to the hotspot, I get the following error: "Failed to connect to No such file or directory".

So far, I've tried: Enabling the hotspot via the Network preferences. Using the "OpenVPN Connector" app to connect to the VPN. Opening the VPN connection manually via the terminal. None of the above have worked. How can I connect to the VPN from the MacBook as a hotspot? Thanks in advance for any help. If you want to get technical, you have to know that your iPhone (and your Macbook) are not on the same LAN (local area network) as your router. The Macbook is outside the LAN, so it can't access the router, and the iPhone can't access the router directly, because it is inside the LAN. You need to put them both on the same LAN as the router. So you either need to find a way to turn your Macbook into a router or to run some kind of VPN service on the Macbook that will allow you to connect to your router from there.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you share VPN to PC?

Hey, I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with getting a "Virtual Private Network" program such as Private Internet Access to work from my PC to my Mac? You see, I'm currently trying to get my school district to put VPN services in place for their employees and my department to access the schools website. Currently, it can only be accessed via my personal macbook, but the district has given us macbooks to use. Unfortunately, the only VPN that has been mentioned thus far is Windows based, and we are using OS X. So I was wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to get a VPN program to work between OS X machines?

Or am I just out of luck? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Re: ? There's a fairly decent chance that the VPN software you want works on OSX, but does not support Apple's IPSec (which is what the VPN would encrypt data through). And I think that they have their own encryption standard, Apple's.

Also, Apple has been pretty careful about what OS's they open up their network traffic for so that people can't sniff it out. But for the past couple years or so, OSX has come a long ways in that regard.

I know, because I have Apple equipment. But it's still encrypted via IPSec and I'm not able to decrypt it.

So basically, as far as OSX is concerned, a VPN connection would be encrypted traffic. But I'm sure that it can connect, but maybe there are limits to what it'll do.

Originally Posted by ctbenn. There's a fairly decent chance that the VPN software you want works on OSX, but does not support Apple's IPSec (which is what the VPN would encrypt data through).

How do I enable VPN on my hotspot?

Hotspot has a simple way to enable VPN for Android devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet device like iPhone, Windows Phone, Nexus or Kindle Fire, it just supports the native VPN clients of the device. For most of the current Android smartphones and tablets, the native VPN clients are only supported in WiFi mode. So Hotspot can still enable VPN in this scenario. However, we do not recommend that you turn on Hotspot in WiFi mode, as Hotspot needs a constant Internet connection. We don't recommend a shared connection, such as a dial-up ISP connection, to use Hotspot with VPN at the same time. If you use Hotspot for the VPN, hotspot will connect to the Internet through a VPN server to provide a secure connection between the phone and the Internet. This is often called P2P connection (peer to peer) since your phone acts like a peer to peer connection.

However, if you are not using a device with VPN support and only use Hotspot to connect to the Internet with no VPN, then you will need to use Hotspot in tether mode to connect the device to the Internet. Please read the tutorial below on how to use Hotspot in tether mode: Enable Hotspot in tether mode. To use Hotspot in tether mode, open settings and find out Hotspot from the menu. Select Toggle Hotspot. 2. Then Hotspot will restart. You can connect your phone/tablet to your home router via LAN cable and access the Internet. 3. Hotspot will automatically connect to Google (or other providers) DNS servers to route any query (such as Google search) directly through the cloud, and bypass the DNS servers you currently use in the phone/tablet. 4. You can disconnect from the Internet by removing the LAN cable.

VPN client installation instructions: Download the VPN app from the Google Play Store if you do not have a local VPN client installed. If you do have a local VPN client on your phone, please use the version from the Play Store. If you already have installed another app and is blocking the update, uninstall it first. Then search Google Play Store for HotSpot Manager. When you find HotSpot Manager, install it and choose your hotspot name. When you login to the app, you can see a list of HotSpot. Choose yours from the list and then create a new network.

Are there any other ways to share my VPN connection?

I need it for my university,
And have to accept the MIT terms. You could set up your own VPN server on a box at your university and use that. -----. Milesf. I don't understand why they don't just create a VPN client for iOS? Surely. They would want to reach as many people as possible with their software. I would love to use VPN apps if they weren't so buggy and slow. Dexen. The article mentions that iOS 7 introduces additional requirements for. Implementing VPNs in such a way that only official VPN clients can. Interoperate. Joe5150. I don't understand why you'd need to use an app for a simple thing like this. Though. You're giving up access to a lot of stuff by having to use an app.

Jakubg. Apple's official vpn doesn't work for me at all. Not all apps support push notifications.

Can I share my VPN connection via a hotspot on Android?

This question is for Android users. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I want to use a VPN connection to mask my traffic. Is there a way I can turn my phone into a hotspot and share the connection? I know a lot of people do this with a MiFi, but I'd rather not buy one if I don't have to.

Unfortunately not. Your phone cannot be a hotspot, because it lacks the physical infrastructure to be a hotspot. You have to go to a wifi hotspot on your phone, and that's a different type of connection.

That said, why would you need to do this? It's a strange use case. If you have a USB OTG or Card-reader adapter cable with a microUSB (like the ones used in your phone) end, you could plug it into your phone, using OTG to make it your hotspot, and just connect to it. This will give you a "hotspot" but it will have the same limitations as any other. You may be able to find a better way of doing this (eg via WiFi tether) but this seems to be what you're asking for.

I tested it using my own Nexus 5 with Android 6.0, and a OTG to USB cable. I found that while I could "connect" to my hotspot from my computer, I couldn't see any other device that connected, nor was any data or IP connectivity. Even when I tried it from a phone that has access to some other data network (eg via WiFi tether), I could only get access to my hotspot and nothing else.

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