Do you need a shipping address for Apple ID?

How do I create an Apple ID for an American address?

I'm buying a new Mac in the next couple of days, and I was told I may need to create an Apple ID to use iTunes. I'm in the UK, so I was going to get the Mac through the Apple reseller site, but since it's going to be shipped I'll be creating the Apple ID from an American address.

Can I use an American Apple ID to log into iTunes on my new Mac? I'm sure if I try, it would be rejected, but short of trying that, do you know where I can find out what kind of Apple ID I need to create? I know this is a trivial question, but I can't seem to find answer anywhere. Best way to do this is buy it new directly from Then you'll get free shipping and the Mac will be on its way to you right away, rather than waiting for a reseller to get it to you, have it shipped, install it and then give you it.

You do not need an Apple ID to use itunes so you'll be able to use it on the new mac until it gets into the hands of the reseller. The reason they don't want to give you one, is because they can't verify that you own the 'product' before they accept it for the purchase. If you used an ID from elsewhere, they would have to manually verify that you own the product and can use it.

Worst case I think you can just sign up for a free account and use that, but they'll cancel it if you try to use it on another Mac. That's easy enough. I just go to the website and log in with whatever email address I was using. It asks if I accept
I may just go ahead and do that, when it arrives I'll be able to use it straight away. I'm between Macbook pro and Mac pro, so I can't always decide which one I want.

Besides, I'm sure that I'll be able to buy a Macbook Pro from Apple after it comes.

What is the address for Apple ID?

Apple ID, or Apple account, is the account to use if you want to access information from your Apple devices such as the Message app, Apple Music, iCloud, etc. You also need to sign in with Apple ID if you want to use Find my iPhone.

How do I link my Apple ID and my iCloud? You can link your Apple ID to iCloud using a tool called iCloud Control Panel. It is available on the Edit iCloud Profile page and after linking your Apple ID to iCloud, it will prompt you to sign in to iCloud when you try to use the Message app or Apple Music. You can also continue to use your Apple ID on the other Apple apps without needing to sign in with the iCloud account.

How to use my iCloud? iCloud is an online service that allows you to access and manage your files in the cloud. You can access iCloud from the web on the Message app, Apple Music, and iTunes.

The service can store files for you that are backed up from certain Apple devices like MacBooks and iPhones. As long as you have enough room, you can upload files that you transfer from your devices to iCloud.

However, it does store files in the cloud, which means you can access them from any other device. You can also view files without having a device connected to the internet.

Globally, iCloud is currently available in more than 180 countries and regions, including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Mexico, UK, and more. Note: When you sign up for iCloud and create a backup email address with iCloud, it doesn't mean that your email address from your old address will be deleted. It will still be a backup email address.

How do I turn on/off iCloud? You can choose to turn on iCloud from the iCloud section under the Settings section on your device. The Auto-sync function will sync your device's data to iCloud. You can also turn it on/off from the same setting section.

Why do I need to sign in to iCloud? The Apple devices and services that you use should be associated with your iCloud.

Do you need a shipping address for Apple ID?

You can edit this information in your iTunes Account Settings. How do you change the shipping address for your Apple ID? Open iTunes on your computer. Tap Settings. Tap Apple ID. Tap Mail. Tap your Apple ID. Tap Change. Tap Shipping Address. How do I change the shipping address for my Apple ID? How do I change the billing address for my Apple ID? Tap Billing Address. What is Apple ID? Apple ID is your Apple ID. It is the unique identifier for your Apple ID.

How do I change the email address for my Apple ID? Tap Email Address. How do I change the password for my Apple ID? Tap Password. How do I change the security question for my Apple ID?

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