How do I find my Apple ID password without resetting it?

How do I access my Apple ID account?

From your settings page on your mobile device, tap your name at the top of the page.

Select Apple ID from the menu and sign in with your Apple ID. If you haven't yet enabled Two-Factor Authentication on your account, you will be prompted to do so when you sign in. You must have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for this to work. See our two-factor authentication support article to learn more.

What is Apple Cash? Apple Cash is a way for customers to pay their bill using their Apple Pay balance. When your balance reaches a predetermined threshold, you're eligible to earn Apple Cash by providing proof that you are an eligible Apple customer such as signing in with your Apple ID on your bill.

Why do I get payment alerts when my payment information changes? Payment alerts let you know if something on your bill needs to change, like when you receive a new statement or your preferred method of payment changes. Click here to update." These messages can go to your iPhone, iPad or Mac if you choose, or to your Apple Watch.

If you receive an alert on your iPhone or iPad, tap the alert to view your payment options. Why did my payment method change? In order to use Apple Cash as your payment method, your payment method must be on file with Apple. You can do this when you set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and choose this option when asked what payment method to save for Apple Cash. If you want to switch your payment method back to something else, follow the prompts to swap the current method for a new one. If you have multiple Apple IDs on your account, log out of all Apple IDs to clear your saved payment methods.

How do I redeem Apple Cash for my bill? Redeem your Apple Cash for your bill at any time, so long as it hasn't expired. You can also redeem it for any item at Apple Retail Stores and authorized resellers who can issue credit or physical gift cards for that value.

How much does it cost to add Apple Cash to my bill? When you use your Apple Cash balance to pay your bills, a service charge applies, equal to 0.25% of the amount spent.

How do I find my Apple ID and Apple ID password?

Your Apple ID and Apple ID password are provided to you when you create your Apple ID.

You can also find the login credentials for your Apple ID from the Member Center.

Note: If you have multiple Apple IDs, you must remember only one of them; don't use more than one at a time. Where do I find help and support for the Apple site? In order to best provide help and support for the Apple site, we've created a page for your questions and answers: Help and Support for the Apple Site. This is an active workgroup and I need to be added. How do I do that? You may add yourself to a group by going to the "Manage Groups" page on the My Apple Sites page and clicking Add Yourself. To get there, go to My Apple Sites and click the blue plus sign in the upper right corner. On the Manage Groups page, you will see the word "Active" on the right side of the list of groups. Select the group of which you'd like to be a member and click Add Yourself.

How do I use My Settings with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Tap Settings on your device's Home screen. Tap Personal. Then tap My Settings. A list of all your settings appears. You can also find these settings in the menu bar and menu items on your device.

How do I change my Language settings for the Apple site? On the Apple site, go to the My Settings page and scroll down until you find the entry named Language Preferences. There you can select what language you want to view the Apple site in.

Can I share pictures and videos I've posted on the site? Yes, as long as you have permission from the original content creator to share the pictures and videos. Simply go to the "My Photos" page in your Member Center and tap the Share button to add a photo or video to a post or message. You can choose whether the picture or video will remain private.

I made an interesting story or comment on a thread, but it disappeared. Why did it happen? You probably just posted too quickly. You can still save the post to your own blog. All threads have a special icon to the right of the post that says Edit. When you click that, you will see a box that says Save draft.

How do I find my Apple ID password without resetting it?

If you need to find out your Apple ID password, there's a trick that we've discovered for that.

The solution uses Find My iPhone, which, when enabled, gives you access to some handy info about your iPhone including, among other things, your Apple ID password. To find the password using Find My iPhone, follow these steps: Turn on Find My iPhone. Open the Settings app and tap the Find My iPhone section. Tap the "Find My iPhone" switch to the On position. You'll get the prompt to set up Find My iPhone. Tap Set Up Now.

Enter your phone number and tap Next. When asked if you'd like to enable iCloud Keychain, tap Enable. Your phone will be registered with Apple and you can add a new password using the keychain function on your device. Apple ID password reminder alert for your iOS device. Use Find My iPhone to find your Apple ID password. The first time you try to log into iCloud, you'll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID and password. You can create your Apple ID password here, or you can use Find My iPhone to quickly find the password.

On your device, tap the Settings icon and then tap Find My iPhone (it should be enabled automatically). Tap My Devices. Tap the iPhone icon and you'll be able to see your device's Apple ID password. Now you know how to get your Apple ID password without resetting it. How do I disable Find My iPhone? Find My iPhone can be enabled or disabled under the iCloud section of the Settings app. Open the Settings app and tap the iCloud section. Tap the Find My iPhone switch to the On position. Tap the "Find My iPhone" switch to the Off position. Turn off Find My iPhone on an iPhone with a passcode. When you enable Find My iPhone on an iPhone with a passcode, it will prompt you to enter your passcode every time you attempt to open Find My iPhone on the device. How to activate Find My iPhone when your iPhone is lost. With Find My iPhone activated, you can locate and track your iPhone or iPad when it's lost. You can also remotely lock or wipe it if it's stolen.

How do I reset my Apple user ID and password?

I would like to know how I can reset my Apple user ID and password, as I have forgotten them.

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it using the built-in web-based password recovery tool, available from. If you've forgotten your Apple ID, you'll need to request a new one. The first time you create an Apple ID, it will generate a 12-character alphanumeric code which you can use to reset your password. If you need to reset your password, you'll have to submit this code to support (or go to the iTunes Store and buy a new iTunes card, if you've misplaced your card).

If you've lost your device containing your Apple ID, you can either enter the 12-character code or contact Apple Support for assistance. You can't simply "reset" your Apple ID password - you need to request a new one.

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