How do I unblock on my iPhone?

How do I unblock in-app purchases?

Unblocking an in-app purchase is pretty simple. From the home screen of your device, tap Settings iTunes App Store. Tap My Apps, tap the app you wish to unblock, and tap Payment Info.

After tapping Payment Info, you will see a screen similar to this: Tap the top of the page to begin the process of unblocking the in-app purchase. You will taken to a screen like below: Then, simply tap on the button that says I'm not a robot! See this article for more info. Are there any steps in-between? While you're in the middle of unblocking your purchase one device, you cannot simply go ahead and make the purchase on another. If you do so, you will run into a 'prepaid purchase already initialized' error message. In order to successfully complete the purchase, then you will have to unblock the purchase once more.

Note: The steps mentioned in the first answer will be the same for a device registered through iTunes; however, if you are unregistered, you will have to enter a 9 digit verification code when you are on a 3G network. For detailed instructions on how to unlock an unregistered iPhone, follow this link.

Are there any restrictions on when I can use these paywalls/in-app purchases? Below I will list the most common types of paywalls that are available in regards to iPhone users. Can I use it on my phone? If only it were that easy. Doing so would require jailbreaking your iPhone. Apple supports the use of third party apps, which are non-jailbreak apps, with a limited number of features and resources. In other words, a lot of the features needed for unlocking in-app purchases require access to the resources - including the jailbroken feature - that Apple provides on iOS devices.

If you do not own an iPhone, you can use jailbroken devices with this workaround. Can this be done on my iPad? Sadly, no. Apple doesn't provide the same level of support to iPad users as it does to those using iPhone. This means that you will not find the same types of in-app properties that you can unlock on iPhone devices.

Is there an app to block apps on iPhone?

I use to developer an app that we provide for our clients' families but the company got a huge blow to the bottom line a couple years ago, so we purchased another company and the buyers are happy. Now our app is in a rageware product and they are pulling it down again UNLIMITED TIMES PER DAY (because it is free) and I want the app removed from the iPhone marketplace. However, Apple won't let me delete the app! I have tried two times: 1: I go into App Store - Apps - My Applications and delete the app, then re-install it and still they keep coming up! 2: I go into iTunes Connect - App Store - Manage Your Apps and delete the app there and re-install it and it keeps coming back. This app is on iPhone 4S, iOS 6.3. Please let me know how I can get rid of this problem. Now our app is in a rageware product and they are pulling it down again UNLIMITED TIMES PER DAY (because it is free) and I want the app removed from the iPhone marketplace.

Does "blocking" mean that you wish to prevent users from easily installing it again? If you install the app on device, or any other method, then you have to also remove some code from the app. This is not done automatically by iTunes Connect; you must remove the code.

There are (at least) two ways to do this: Use Application Loader. To use Application Loader, open Xcode and click "Show Package Contents", where the file resides. Find "AppDelegate.

How do I turn off restrictions on my iPhone?

Do the Restrictions in iOS 11 work in the real world? Enable iCloud Keychain could not find secret after upgrading to iOS 11. How to set up an iPad WiFi only Network with Xcode 8. On iOS 10, was it possible to enable Airplane Mode for one app. Getting Weird popup on Wi-Fi encrypted Settings. Restrictions in iOS 11 Don't Work With AirDrop. IOS 10 Not Allowed On `airplane` mode due to iBeacon. You can switch off the restrictions or search the world wide web with Siri when Contact filters are set. There are free webapps available to pass around your contacts and intimacy rather than the phone having access to all of them.

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