Is OpenVPN access server free?

Does OpenVPN require a license?

We've been discussing the topic of open source with our staff, and this week, one of our developers wanted to know if OpenVPN requires a license.

The OpenVPN software itself, is licensed as free software (ie can be used without being required to offer compensation for any modifications to the software) but in most cases, the VPN service companies use OpenVPN software, use paid services, and in many cases, require some sort of licensing agreement. I understand that in the case of companies like Netflix or Hulu Plus, they may have the option of paying to use an unlimited license, or they could choose to use a cheaper license based on some sort of tiered pricing model. Does OpenVPN support such a payment model? How do they handle this? What happens when someone wants to cancel their membership and leave the license? Is there a way around this?

When looking at the licensing questions, a lot of folks are trying to think through the open source software licensing model vs. A commercial software license model. OpenVPN is free software, so it cannot charge money to license its software. You cannot create a business using open source software and charge people money, though you can sell the source code of your own software as such. OpenVPN is available for free, however there are other alternatives out there for more robust, commercial VPN applications and clients.

For example, IPVanish offers its own client for OSX and Windows, Tunnelbear has a Windows version, and StrongVPN provides a client for both Macs and Windows. Each of these VPN services run their own servers, allowing you to access your desired website/app without being blocked by the IP address of your server. There is not an easy way to get around this from a technical standpoint, unless you are looking at changing your IP address.

There are a few additional things to consider with paid plans on these products: VPN service providers and companies sell VPNs or other internet related services as well, which means that you need to read what's included with your subscription. Does the VPN service company sell web hosting plans, a VOIP phone plan, a gaming console, or a television device? If so, does that come with your VPN subscription? In addition to the technical issues of your VPN subscription, you also need to keep in mind what you are buying.

What is the OpenVPN licensing model?

As of version 2.

3.2, the OpenVPN Licensing model is based on a free software license called the 'GNU General Public License' (GPL). For the full details please see our license change page:

Why was this change made? Although we had no choice in the matter, we did not want to use the MIT license that was previously used. This change means that if you want to change the terms of the GPL, or just improve it, you have that option now. We also felt that we could build a better, more powerful open source project by using the GPL.

I own my original software, and can keep using it under the previous licensing model. Will I be able to keep using it in the new licensing model? If you have the right to distribute the software, you have the right to redistribute the software. We want you to be able to do that. You may wish to contact the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for advice.

How does this affect me? How it affects you is, you will be able to use the software as before, without further restriction. In particular: What software? At the moment, OpenVPN is licensed under GPL. Does that mean I don't have to pay any license fees for the OpenVPN server software? Yes. Even if you have purchased the server software, it does not cover the source code or other aspects of the project. So you need only pay for what you use.

What about the documentation? The documentation we have is part of the server software. It is distributed with it and it is distributed as part of the OpenVPN distribution, which itself is GPL-licensed. Therefore, we are releasing the documentation with the server software and we are releasing it under the GPL.

Does this mean the documentation is not available in any other way? Not directly. If you own a copy of the documentation (as distinct from a copy of the server software), you can still keep it, but you are no longer permitted to distribute it in any way. If you have a copy of the documentation, you must retain all copyright and distribution notices.

If I keep my own copies of the server software and documentation, do I need to re-distribute them?

Is OpenVPN access server free?

I'm new to OpenVPN and I was wondering if its possible to set up a server without paying for a service or do I need a paid service to have my VPN running and active?

Also, how much traffic do I need to be able to handle? Thank you. Hi again! So far I've got it working but it seems to have a problem on the client side where it disconnects from the vpn after about 10-15 mins (even though the server has had plenty of time to connect to the vpn). It connects and then disconnects in the middle of doing stuff like browsing the internet or streaming a movie. So the client has problems connecting to the server after a while. If I turn off the VPN on the client computer, everything works fine for about 10-15 mins after that it will have problems connecting again.

I'm using OpenVPN for both the server and client side. I have a connection to the internet on my client and a connection to the internet on my OpenVPN server. I've only been able to get this to work with an external server such as www.unblockus. There is a free service that allows you to use their service ( But I've heard that they're going to charge you for the service and not just have you pay a monthly subscription fee. So I'm wondering if its possible to have a VPN server setup without paying for a service. Or is it something I can't do with OpenVPN?

Re: ? Welcome to the forum. The first question I have for you is what version of OpenVPN are you running on your server? Have you done an update recently? It may be that you are seeing an issue with one of the updated features, such as a fixed bug or better yet, some documentation changes that have been made. If you have not done an update, there is no harm in trying to get the newest OpenVPN release. It can also help you troubleshoot issues.

Thanks for the response. The server is using OpenVPN 2.1 What version of OpenVPN are you running on your server?

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