Is it legal to unblock sites?

Is it legal to unblock sites?

I have an iPhone and have tried to download apps like iFart (it was free), I wanted to download it so I can block apps I don't want to see ads for. I have no problem with paying to download something, but I don't want to keep seeing ads that I'm not paying for. I don't want to keep downloading apps on my iPhone. Is there anyway to block apps and websites I don't want to see?

Thanks for all the help. I know that on Android it's possible. On my iPhone I don't have an Android phone to play with so it's been impossible.

I've been looking for a few days and all I've found is answers of how to block ads from apps. I want to block apps from seeing ads on their websites.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't work. I tried downloading the site blocker app and I was able to block ads. But the app did block my apps. Like I said, it was free and it wasn't worth the money to me. I just want to block ads from apps and websites so I don't have to keep downloading apps for free. I'm a college student and I can't afford apps like iFart, but it was free and I really wanted it.

What's the legal basis for this? Are we just not allowed to block ads? Is it possible? There's no legal basis for this. This is the same reason why you can't block ads on your television. If you don't like an app or website that you're buying, you can uninstall it from your iPhone.

You should try to not be an app-hopper. If you want an app, get it from the app store, don't just download it from the website and expect it to work just like an app.

The iOS app store and the Android app store have completely different systems and the App Store is just a method to get apps on the device, not to provide a marketplace for apps. If you don't like the App Store, you don't have to use it.

If you want to block ads, it's quite easy to do, just search for a free app called AdAway on the App Store and you'll find a couple of apps that do exactly that. I use AdAway myself to block ads from iOS apps.

What is the best way to unblock a website?

I have a website that I can't access because of a firewall. I've tried all the usual tricks like going to the site in a private window in IE, or using a proxy server, but none of them seem to work.

If you are able to access the site from outside your firewall, you can use a proxy server. There are many free proxy servers available, like this one:
If the content is being blocked by a firewall, it is because it is attempting to connect to an IP address that is blocked by your firewall. If you can access the site from an IP address outside your firewall, then you can likely access it from within your firewall.

If you cannot access it from outside your firewall, then you will need to find out what IP address is being blocked by your firewall. You can do this by using a command line program like the following: wget -p -O -. This will download the entire page to a file named "ip.address" I had the same problem but the solution was quite simple. I was trying to access a site hosted on a NAS. The site was blocked because it was trying to access the NAS which was blocked because it was hosted on a different network from the one on which my machine was.

I was able to access the site by simply changing the network settings on my NAS.

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