Does Hotspot Shield change your IP address?

Does Hotspot Shield change your IP address?

If you download Hotspot Shield is tunneling traffic through servers located in Iceland (see Hotspot Shield privacy Policy), you may notice that your IP address often changes every time you go to use the service. When you use the service, the web server that acts as a gateway between you and the internet assigns you a new IP address. Isn't that fantastic? Us citizens get to use an unblocked website from inside of the United States without worrying about the costs and blockages associated with leased private internet IP addresses. Aren't we ALL HAPPY? Great! Ok, maybe not so much.

What is a private IP address? A private IP address is used by ISPs and companies that lease purchased IP addresses from a large vendor. When an ISP users starts signing up for a service using an IP address that was previously given away to another ISP user, the network is essentially sharing the IP address between two different subscribers. This sharing reduces IP address supply and drives up the cost of IP addresses. When a user signs up for a service using a private IP address, you effectively become part of a massive single customer.

The shared IP address will be kept separate from the subscribers IPs whenever the subscriber roaming with that IP address "asks" for an IP address from that data center, and the employee dutifully generates and returns one on your behalf. This is all well and good when it comes to serving web content, like websites that already have hundreds, or even thousands, of sweaty faces staring back at the person connecting to their live rate Socks5 bouncy castle. For now, let's pretend the fate of the nice chubby baby you're viewing live with Outdoor3D is irrelevant. What I want to know is: how exactly can Hotspot Shield generate new IP addresses for its users? They surely can't connive a /5 from a data center into some database and pick it up through their tunnels. The more I think about this, the more it makes sense that your IP address is changing when you use Hotspot Shield - they're simply leasing IP address space from Google-owned servers all over the globe, then essentially renting it out for you, without doing any manual work of their own.

Can you be tracked with Hotspot Shield?

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Does Hotspot Shield hide my activity from my ISP?

I am using a VPN for the first time. I have been checking to see if my ISP can still see what sites I visit and when. I am using Hotspot Shield Premium. Has this blocked my ISP accessing what I am searching for or is it secure?

Arin Kiyathorn. 01-30-2011 08:41 PM. The most important thing you should do is to signup for a genuine account here at and not a free version because free versions are paid-for with "click fraud." For example, you fill out a signup form complete with credit card information but when you click submit, nothing happens (or worse, you get billed again). Also, if you are a free user you can't use the web filtering feature and you don't have access to some parts of the interface.

The reason that downloading the premium version accomplishes different things than simply navigating to the official site is that when you navigate to the official site, you are redirected via a 3rd party affiliate link. The problem is that this affiliate link is controlled by a third party who can change either the address you are sent to or the link in your browser address bar which means that if someone clicks on every Hotspot Shield link on Ars Technica (or other websites), then they are inadvertently sending hacker data back to Hotspot Shield. So instead, download Hotspot Shield through the official download link espoused everywhere.

01-31-2011 12:44 AM. Quote: Originally Posted by Arin Kiyathorn. (Post 1785580). That's what confused me also - why go through an affiliate when you can use the official download links? Because this is what hackers tell you to do. Since we can't know for sure how a criminal is going to use your computer, we provide a cleaner and safer method of accessing Hotspot Shield, reducing the time it takes for all hackers to become aware of Hotspot Shield.

Also, one way to keep yourself from getting infected with malware is to not download anything through unfamiliar links. This is why so many download managers are malware and will trick you into downloading malware, instead of directing you to a legitimate download manager.

Thanks for the heads up guys, I haven't looked at the download page yet because I was concerned about malware.

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