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Does your place of work or college have a block on their wifi? Maybe you're in a country, such as China, that definitely censors parts of the internet, but you want to get past such filters? If this is the case, using a proxy server located in Brazil will help you avoid these filters. All you have to do is type a URL of a website you intend to access, and hit enter. Whilst each web proxy will have it's own advantages and disadvantages, you're sure to find one with the right amount of privacy and security you are after.

Many of the web proxies underneath offer SSL encryption, which encrypts data flow between an individual and the proxy server. A useful side effect of SSL is the ability to avoid censorship limitations in countries which limit access to certain websites.

Info Proxy Address IP Address Country Last Checked (GMT) Software SSL? Health
More Info
The server hosting this web proxy is owned by Universo Online S.a.. It has it's own unique IP. The web proxy server was added to the database on 27 July, 2016. 3.727 seconds is the average access time for this proxy. This proxy is hosted in Brazil.
Brazil 2018-02-22 18:45:20 Glype Yes Excellent
More Info
It has it's own unique IP. The server hosting this proxy belongs to Ipv6 Internet Ltda. 3 seconds is the average access time for this proxy. The proxy was added to the database 289 days ago. This proxy server is hosted somewhere in Brazil.
Brazil 2018-02-20 20:31:52 PHProxy Yes Excellent
More Info
Uptime is currently 40 days. The CGI proxy was found by our spider on 15 January, 2018. This proxy is hosted in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Average speed for this proxy is 7.881 seconds. This hosting block is property of Telemar Norte Leste S.a.. This proxy occupies a unique IP.
Brazil (Minas Gerais) 2018-02-19 15:30:43 Glype Yes Excellent
More Info
The CGI proxy was discovered by our spider 40 days ago. This proxy server is hosted in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. It occupies a unique IP address. Average speed for this proxy is 2.238 seconds.
Brazil (Minas Gerais) 2018-02-19 14:15:18 PHProxy Yes Excellent
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Table Key

Here we explain the different points of information in the table of proxies above.

Info - Mouseover this icon to see extended details about this proxy, including it's hosting location, speed and uptime.

Proxy Address - This is the URL of the proxy website. Some of the URLs are snipped to keep the table neat, but clicking on any link will open up the proxy in a new browser window. Entries with the padlock icon () preceding them means that the website utilises SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for additional security.

IP Address - This is the IP address of the server that the proxy website is hosted on. Many proxies may be hosted on the same IP address.

Country - This is the country that the server the proxy is hosted on is physically located. Any information given in brackets indicates the region of that country, though this is not always available.

Last Checked - This tells you the time and date that the proxy was last checked to see if it is working correctly. The information is presented as follows - year, month, day, time (in 24-hour clock). All times are in the GMT time zone.

Software - This indicates what software script is powering the proxy server.

SSL? - This indicates whether the web proxy can access websites that utilise SSL (Secure Socket Layer encryption). A green tick icon indicates 'yes', whilst a red cross icon indicates 'no'.

Health - This is an indicator of how 'healthy' we think the proxy server is. A green 'Excellent' entry means that we have had no problems connecting to this proxy, whilst a red 'Poor' entry means that we've had major problems accessing the proxy in the past.

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